Barry Weir is a UK business success story and one of the more interesting people you’ll ever meet. Not only did Barry Weir run a thriving park homes business in the UK, he also is a rally car expert who was the first to drive a rally car around the world.

Barry Weir’s around-the-world road rally took place in 2000 and allowed him to write his motor car book, “Driving Ambition: An Adventure of a Lifetime.” The book is comprised of memoirs from Barry, as well as a full account of his around-the-world trip.

As a leading authority on England’s Mobile Homes Act of 2013, Barry Weir is often consulted for his knowledge on the mobile homes industry. And when he’s not doing that or driving his rally cars, you might find him building an Aston Martin or doing something incredible like that time when he saved a man’s life!

That’s right. Barry Weir is a hero because he once saved a man from drowning. He and his wife were walking down the beach one day when they noticed a man in a black suit playing in the ocean. But Barry Weir quickly realized that the man was not body surfing or doing the backstroke; he was indeed in distress.

So without a second thought, Barry Weir jumped into action and called for emergency services, as well as plunged into the frigid water to pull the drowning man out of the tide.

“It was just second nature, really,” Barry Weir said.

It took Barry nearly two months to overcome hypothermia after his heroic act, but he says he would do it again if the situation presented itself and his courage earned him the Humane Society Bravery Award.

What’s crazy is that the best of Barry’s life could still be to come. Barry isn’t very religious himself, but he has had two separate spiritual instances in his life that are connected by a singular message.

As a teenager performing a séance on a Quija board with his friends, and years later as an adult while visiting a church, Barry Weir received the same message: “In time, you will understand what life is about.”

Receiving that powerful message twice can’t be a coincidence, and Barry’s life to date is certainly one that would suggest he is destined for great things.